Top 5 Reasons to Hire A Pay Application Consultant

What Is A Pay App Consultant?

There are many consultants in the market today, but the concept of a specialized Pay Application consultant is relatively new.

G702 Consulting helps contractors and subcontractors avoid accounting confusion by completing AIA-compliant pay applications quickly and accurately.  Our NC/SC notaries ensure lien waivers and pay apps are submitted and documented appropriately so contractors and subcontractors can focus on the parts of their business that matter most.

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  1. AIA Software Expense – This software needs to be renewed annually to include all AIA updates.  Do you have extra money to spend in overhead expenses each year?  Do you have the time to train your people on the new features?
  2. Accuracy – If it is not right, guess who is not paid?  Most subcontractors experience a rejection rate of 15-25% on large pay application submissions.
  3. Document Back-up – Tired of organizing all your material and labor receipts?  Save the time and add the convenience of knowing where they are and how to access them if needed.
  4. Your Priorities – Work smarter and focus on what matters.  Your pay application consultant will help you with paperwork so you can focus on the core aspects of your business.
  5. Security – The monthly pay application requires the contractor to enter sensitive contract information and documentation.  If you send your pay application electronically, think of all those material receipts with your personal information!  Your pay application consultant uses an encrypted FTP site.

Avoid Confusion, Save Time, Get Paid Faster

Working as a project manager in the construction field for 20 years gave us a front seat to the reality for most contractors.  G702 Consulting is a team of experts on AIA forms and documents. We complete these forms quickly and accurately to ensure all parties are compliant and get paid quickly.

We maintain current notary licenses, AIA software and training so you don’t have to. Save time, save money and get your AIA docs submitted correctly and on time.

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